About J and J Publishing

J and J incorporated in December of 1985 and has been offering marketing and advertising expertise ever since to a diverse group of clients and projects. Owners Jim and Jan Taylor have many years of experience in this field and in publishing business magazines for the immediate area.

Jan Taylor, Publisher

Jan Taylor

Jan fills the role of "chief cook and bottle washer" in the planning and publishing of ann arbor area BUSINESS MONTHLY. That means she does whatever it takes to get the publication out and into the hands of the readers. She plans each issue with the editor and is the general forewoman in the production. She actually does everything but the printing. She also is involved with many key advertisers from original contact to final billing. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Jan was the Classified Advertising Manager at the Kalamazoo Gazette, looking after a staff of 25 salespeople and telephone ad takers. Prior to moving to Kalamazoo Jan was on the sales staff at the Ann Arbor News Ad Department in charge of major accounts.

When we first started making plans for our new magazine, we wanted to provide the best coverage to Washtenaw County businesses. Our mailing list contains almost all the roughly 9,000 businesses in this county. If a business wants customers in Washtenaw County we will deliver those prospective customers. There is no need to pay for circulation in areas you don't do business.

Jim Taylor, Editor

Jim Taylor Prior to going out on his own, Jim spent over 27 years at the Ann Arbor News in the advertising department in sales and in management. In 1985 he started a business publication in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce. The publication was very successful, contributing non-dues revenue for the Chamber over the past nineteen years.

The publication also won numerous awards for quality and Jim Taylor was awarded the SBA Media Advocate of The Year for the State of Michigan in 1999. After publishing Ann Arbor Regional Business-To-Business for 20 years for the Chamber, Jan and Jim Taylor have started their own business publication in the Ann Arbor area in March of 2005. Jim serves as editor of the new business magazine, assigning stories to a group of top-notch free-lance writers, helping lay out the editorial product and serving as staff photographer.

Past experience and surveys have shown us that with monthly magazines many subscribers will keep it around for most of the month. For advertisers this means they will get excellent exposure with just one monthly ad. There is no need to spend a small fortune trying to get the ad message to the customers every day or every week.

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